Year: 2022

Writing (Term 1 Week 3) Narrative Writing

A scientist was working on a potion that makes things big until he got a call from one of his workers about one of the test subjects gone wrong, during that the scientists dog was in the lab. The dog got on top of the counter then accidentally hit the potion causing it to break. After that the dog dropped to the ground then started to drink the liquid! Then suddenly the dog was growing! He grew and grew until he was HUMONGOUS!!

The dog then broke out of the lab. starting to terrorise the city! It got so crazy that the dog outbreak was on the news. The scientist then found out and was shocked, so shocked he dropped his nice coffee on the ground. He then started to make a cure to make things go back to normal size which took a good 6 or 7 hours to make, the scientist started to think of a plan to get his dog back without causing any harm. Then a light bulb appeared above his head. The next day the scientist checked the news for any latest in tell about his dogs last seen place.  

He later on found where his dogs last destination was! But was 2 hours away so he got ready and got into his car and started driving, trying to get there as fast as possible, as he was on the highway he started to see a large thing he squinted his eyes then saw that it was his dog! he stomped on the acceleration lever and then when he was near his dog he got out of the car, got the potion and ran. He finally caught up to his dog, the dog was happy when he saw his owner, he started licking him and panting. When he gave the potion to his dog, he started to go back to normal size. He then brought his dog back home and the city was okay.

All About Me

Hi my name is Jabal, and I am a Year 7 at Pt England School. My hobbies are playing
rugby with my friends and participating in new things, my favourite subject at school is Maths
as I like how more challenging the equations get! My favourite food is KFC as i've always had it
as a kid and it feels nostalgic every time I eat it.

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