Day: June 29, 2023

Dawn Raid 2

Apart of the Task: Today me and my brothers went to the movies
to watch the new InvisGo movie! it was soo cool, I think if 
I ever got invisible powers I would save the world from evil,

Task Description: This week we are learning about a book Dawn Raids
which is about a girl called Sofia and we are learning more and more
about the dawn raids through her diary.

Dawn Raid Informational Writing

In Literacy we have been learning about the dawn raids,
On March 12 1974, the government had decided that they would
 go to Pacific  Islanders houses to which they believed overstayed 
their visas or work permits. Many people were deported back to the 
Pacific Islands and  houses were broken into very 
early in the morning which is how the dawn raids got its name.