Month: June 2023

Seventh Grade By Gary Solo

Seventh Grade – Gary Soto 


First some questions

Answer the following questions about Seventh Grade.


Question Answer
What background information do you learn about Victor? Victor was a boy who grew  up in Fresno and could speak Spanish and English, He also likes a girl from his school, Teresa
When the boys scowl, the girls look at them. What might the girls be thinking? When the boys scowl they probably  think that they look handsome how the boy models scowl but the girls probably think its cute how their trying to impress them
What obstacles are getting in the way of Victor making Teresa “his girl”? Not able to speak french, gets embarrassed easily in front of her, for example when they ,left the classroom, Teresa look at him and greeted him but Victor  couldnt say anything
How does the tension increase now that Victor and Teresa are in the same class together? He starts to get nervous as  the teacher asked anyone who spoke french he put his hand up knowing he couldn’t speak any French
Why did the teacher turn his back and walk to the blackboard? He turned his back to the blackboard because he knew that the words that Victor was saying weren’t french at all.
The French teacher, Mr. Bueller, realises that Victor is faking his knowledge of French, yet he does not let on about it. What impression does Mr. Bueller’s action tell you about him as a person and as a teacher? The action Mr Bueller shows that he had  the same experience of trying to impress a girl like how Victor was trying to impress Teresa



Create an audiobook version of the story. 


  • Using Online Voice Recorder or another recording tool, record yourself reading ‘Seventh Grade’. 
  • Make sure you listen to this version first. Try to read at a similar speed and tone. 
  • Record yourself for at least 5 minutes. 
  • Listen back to yourself reading and score yourself using this rubric
  • Share you’re recording and marked rubric on your blog
Task Description: This week for reading, my Literacy class have been
reading a book, Seventh Grade. Seventh Grade is about a boy named
victor who wishes to someday got to France,And his Friend Micheal
Did something with his face, scowl as many male models were seen
with a beautiful women wrapped around their arms and scowl.

Extension Blog

For this term in extension we have been designing a cultural 
clothing of our choice, I have picked Tongan where I come from 
and Japanese where I still need to know 
lots about, I have started to draw my design on a 
person to see how it looks wearing it.