Book Trailer (Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief)

Script: Imagine yourself, you were living a life as an ordinary boy, only to have everything all changed? Well this book Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief describes that very well. The Lightning Thief follows the story of Percy Jackson, a 12 year old boy who has a secret unknown to himself.

Diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, while being raised by his mother. His life wasn’t easy as he didn’t have a father figure and to got repeatedly kicked out of school even though it really wasn’t his fault. His maths teacher Mrs Dodds, draws Percy aside to punish him, then suddenly she transforms into a monster and attacks him! His favourite teacher Mr Brunner, rescues Percy by throwing him a pen the transforms into a sword and that’s when his unnatural story starts, so do you have the guts to read this book?


Task Description: Hey y’all back with another straight up banger for y’all today.  So basically this book trailer is about a book, Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief, The Lightning Thief is about Percy Jackson,a 12 year old boy who holds a secret unknown to even himself. My video is a brief summary on the book but if you want more then read for yourself and behold all the exciting and mysterious adventures that Percy has for him.



Easter, Easter is a memorable occasion that we should all know about.

As it celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, on the third after his crucifixion.

Easter to me is a time to think about how Jesus was crucified and died for our sins.

On the long Easter weekend I didn’t do much except for sleeping eating and playing video

games with my friends. But on Tuesday I had to go to a funeral which was real sad, because

the lady that died were cousins with my mum and were good friends with her. And the thing

that makes me sad the most was the fact that I never met her,and from the speeches that

were being said about her it sounded like she was a strong, cheeky, and kind woman.

In the school holidays I cannot wait to sleep and play video games ALLLL day.

TIdy Numbers

WALT: Solve addition and subtraction word problems, add and subtract decimals.

Hello today I have perfected the way of tidying numbers, right here is a straight up BANGER presentation

I have for yall.

Nz TImeline

This week in extension we had made a time line of New Zealand,

and how there was one big super continent called pangea

that split in two continents called Laurasia and Gondwana.

It was really interesting to find out how the world started from 

a super continent which slowly broke apart over time to

become what earth is today.

Week 4 Word Problems (Grimlock)

WALT:Illustrate how I solve a mixture of  problems

Hello fellow people of the internet, For this week, we are learning to explain how we had solved a problem. Our WALT tells us that we have to work out a problem that is given to us, for example there are 4 mangoes, and the teacher wants to split it equally between 2 individuals.

How can the teacher split 4 apples equally between 2 people?(4 divide by 2 = 2) And this is where we show our working out to show we got the answer that we  got in the first place which in the case 4 mangoes divided by 2 people is 2.

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Book Trailer


Script:Imagine yourself, A talented artist. And have won an amazing award only to have it all changed? Well this book describes such an incident in the life of a proud African-American High School Student,Nancy Lee Johnson, Whose family had moved from the deep south to the north so she could have better opportunities as an artist.

This book explains how there was a wide gulf between the colour blindness of the American dream and the racial discrimination, which is a real big problem that happens in daily life.

I Highly suggest reading this amazing piece of literature, One Friday Morning by Langston Hughes. as this book may even inspire you to become an artist like Nancy Lee. So are you willing to read this book?

Statistical Investigation (Data Detective) WALT: Use PPDAC

Statistical Investigation, what is statistical Investigation? Statistical Investigation is and information gathering and learning process, 5 steps are used in the statistical Investigation and are listed in the following. Problem, Plan, Data, Analysis,and Conclusion. These steps are essential in the process of doing a statistical Investigation.

Problem, I had to find out what I had to do to acquire the data that I needed so I had to come up with a Plan. First I found out what was a question that I could use to get the data, so I came up with one that can easily get answers out of it. And as soon as I got that step done, I went around the classroom asking each and every one of my classmates.

Now that I have asked I now have acquired my data, Now that I have my data I can now move on to the next step. Analysis, now that I have gotten my data I can now analyse it, first I made a bar graph and inputted all of my data, next I found out what got the most votes from it and had now finally gotten my CONCLUSION, Out of the 6 flavours I had chosen, Cookies and Cream came above all the others with a whopping 15 votes. Chocolate was 2nd with 7 votes, Caramel with 2 votes. Strawberry, Mint, and Neapolitan all with 1 vote.

The Problem (My Futuristic Inventions

1 (Glider Redeploy):Over the years there has been deaths when people would go 
skydiving and their parachutes wouldn't deploy and end in their death. 
Which is why our group that consists of me Patrick and Toa and Salem, had thought of a solution to prevent deaths when skydiving. 
Glider Redeploy, my concept of glider redeploy is a mechanical belt
with a mechanical parachute with a button on it which will disperse a 

2:(Sonic Shoes): Over the years adults, kids, have all experienced one issue in life. BEING LATE, time is
a very important essential in our daily lives, but we also
need to have something called time management where you have to use your time wisely.
but with being late it is hard to get around so our team has invented a way where you can
manage your time better and avoid being late, Sonic shoes.