My Futuristic Inventions (Sonic Shoes and Glider Redeploy)

In extension we have been brainstorming ideas for a futuristic inventions
that can help humanity, so the inventions I have thought of are Sonic Shoes
and Glider Redeploy! The Image above is shown of my 3d model that I made
on tinkercad of the Sonic Shoes I am planning to make. This is where I am 
at right now and after I have created this and I am happy with it I will
start to create my invention for Glider Redeploy.

2 thoughts on “My Futuristic Inventions (Sonic Shoes and Glider Redeploy)

  1. Kia Ora Jabal Nice work keep it up and Have a great day and I hope you enjoyed it like how I enjoyed commenting on my friends and family goodbye Jabal from Tolati.

  2. Hi jabal your creation looks awesome I like the design of it and the base. This looks really like a shoe but you might have tried to turn it into something else but it is cool. I hope get even better at making amazing design’s bye.

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