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Script:Imagine yourself, A talented artist. And have won an amazing award only to have it all changed? Well this book describes such an incident in the life of a proud African-American High School Student,Nancy Lee Johnson, Whose family had moved from the deep south to the north so she could have better opportunities as an artist.

This book explains how there was a wide gulf between the colour blindness of the American dream and the racial discrimination, which is a real big problem that happens in daily life.

I Highly suggest reading this amazing piece of literature, One Friday Morning by Langston Hughes. as this book may even inspire you to become an artist like Nancy Lee. So are you willing to read this book?

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  1. This is great Jabal! You were nice and confident in your delivery and used some great vocabulary. I really liked how you almost dared people to read the book by saying, “So are you willing to read this book’.

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