Summer Learning Journey (SMJ) Let’s Get Funky!

6 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey (SMJ) Let’s Get Funky!

  1. Kia ora Jabal,

    This is a very cool song that you have made! 👏 It totally reminds me of summer. It’s very upbeat and bright. What would the title of your song be?

    Thanks for sharing your activity from last summer! It’s quite interesting to see the differences between the songs you have made. What did you think of this activity compared to last year?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

  2. Hey Jabal !

    This beat sounds amazing! Very fun and a beat to dance to. I wonder how long this took you to complete, wonderful. Keep blogging!


  3. Kia Ora Jabal, its Leata

    REALLY love the beats that you put on your music. I also have one question, was it hard to make your music, if NOT why.

    -Leata RM8

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