Statistical Investigation (Data Detective) WALT: Use PPDAC

Statistical Investigation, what is statistical Investigation? Statistical Investigation is and information gathering and learning process, 5 steps are used in the statistical Investigation and are listed in the following. Problem, Plan, Data, Analysis,and Conclusion. These steps are essential in the process of doing a statistical Investigation.

Problem, I had to find out what I had to do to acquire the data that I needed so I had to come up with a Plan. First I found out what was a question that I could use to get the data, so I came up with one that can easily get answers out of it. And as soon as I got that step done, I went around the classroom asking each and every one of my classmates.

Now that I have asked I now have acquired my data, Now that I have my data I can now move on to the next step. Analysis, now that I have gotten my data I can now analyse it, first I made a bar graph and inputted all of my data, next I found out what got the most votes from it and had now finally gotten my CONCLUSION, Out of the 6 flavours I had chosen, Cookies and Cream came above all the others with a whopping 15 votes. Chocolate was 2nd with 7 votes, Caramel with 2 votes. Strawberry, Mint, and Neapolitan all with 1 vote.

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