Day: May 6, 2022

Would You Rather

In the space below write up to 3 paragraphs explaining which option you would choose, and why you think that is the best choice.

Once you have written your paragraph see if you can highlight the different elements of your paragraph to show your POINT, EVIDENCE (examples), EXPLANATION and LINKS.


BEGIN YOUR WRITING HERE:  I would rather live in a world with computers than video games because computers give us a lot of information about stuff we don’t know,it also helps to resolve human life encounters in daily life. Computers have become very important nowadays because you can accomplish tasks easily and for educational purposes. It could also be used to research a specific topic like etc, global warming, health, science and all types of other stuff.

Task Description: For this week we have been learning all about computers and this would you rather was, would you rather have no computers or no video games and I chose no video games because I think computers are more important than video games.