Book Trailer (Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief)

Script: Imagine yourself, you were living a life as an ordinary boy, only to have everything all changed? Well this book Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief describes that very well. The Lightning Thief follows the story of Percy Jackson, a 12 year old boy who has a secret unknown to himself.

Diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, while being raised by his mother. His life wasn’t easy as he didn’t have a father figure and to got repeatedly kicked out of school even though it really wasn’t his fault. His maths teacher Mrs Dodds, draws Percy aside to punish him, then suddenly she transforms into a monster and attacks him! His favourite teacher Mr Brunner, rescues Percy by throwing him a pen the transforms into a sword and that’s when his unnatural story starts, so do you have the guts to read this book?


Task Description: Hey y’all back with another straight up banger for y’all today.  So basically this book trailer is about a book, Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief, The Lightning Thief is about Percy Jackson,a 12 year old boy who holds a secret unknown to even himself. My video is a brief summary on the book but if you want more then read for yourself and behold all the exciting and mysterious adventures that Percy has for him.


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