Transformers Term 2 (not the car transformers)

Our Pt England Theme for this term, term 2 is Transformers. Our day started with Mr Burt, Mrs Nua, Mr J, and Mr Somerville. They all dressed up, Mr Burt was dressed as an Egyptian Pharaoh that dates back all the way to the 32nd century BC (<– for suspense) Mrs Nua was dressed up as Elasti Girl from the movie Incredible which I think is a pretty decent movie I favourite character from the Incredibles would be Frozone as his Ice powers are pretty insane.

Mr J was a Voluntary Soldier, (dont have much to say bout that)  Mr Somerville was your friendly neighbour hood Spider-Man, a superhero from the marvel verse who fights against crime in the state of New York, Queens. I really was  intrigued in the performances that were being displayed  on the stage at Immersion Assembly, like Team 5’s one, Team 5’s item was based on the story Cinderella.

But with a plot twist, the story starts with Cinderella trapped in a cage folding the laundry and then  her evil sisters were off to the ball,(Didn’t really get to understand the evil sister part) Cinderella was Jealous and said something along the lines like “This isn’t fair! I want to go the ball!” and her cry was heard and then the fairy godmother granted that wish and suddenly instantly teleported to the ball. 

Then the ball had began and everyone started dancing, Cinderella was dancing with the Prince and as they were having a good time Cinderella had realised that she had forgot something and had to go but the prince was holding her back,”Please stay here,” (somethin like that) with Cinderella saying the following, “Let me go! Let me go!” and suddenly Cinderellas dress came off and her undergarments were showing.

With embarrassment one of her shoes come off and she runs off back to her house, the story goes like the original but then the evil sister switches Cinderellas shoe with her own and she heads back home. The prince then went out to find the woman that he had danced with as he had made a vow to marry her and find her with the shoe that was the evil sisters, then came Cinderellas home. The evil sister then put on the shoe and said “It fits! it fits! Now you must stay true to your promise!”(or somethin)

Then the Prince then said “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD” and then decapitated the evil sister then he decapitated the other one. And Cinderella ending coming over to see the sight of her two sisters heads of their bodies, and Cinderella decided she needed to find a better man and turns out that very man was the story teller and they kiss the end.


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