Goal Setting

For this term the korero  is Fit For Purpose,
but today in class  we are learning about
setting smart goals and ones that aren't
as big.For example if I set a goal to eat
healthy its not as easy as you  would 
think, so you should set a goal like
eating 5 vegetables and that is much
more  doable 

Immersion Assembly

Today at school we prepared to go to assembly,
the korero for this term is Fit for Purpose.
I don't mean to be biased but my favourite performance
was team 5,Team 5's performance was based onthe three 
little pigs and the big bad wolf. But instead of the
three little pigs  it was the four little humans and 
the pregnant teacher.

Dawn Raid 2

Apart of the Task: Today me and my brothers went to the movies
to watch the new InvisGo movie! it was soo cool, I think if 
I ever got invisible powers I would save the world from evil,

Task Description: This week we are learning about a book Dawn Raids
which is about a girl called Sofia and we are learning more and more
about the dawn raids through her diary.

Dawn Raid Informational Writing

In Literacy we have been learning about the dawn raids,
On March 12 1974, the government had decided that they would
 go to Pacific  Islanders houses to which they believed overstayed 
their visas or work permits. Many people were deported back to the 
Pacific Islands and  houses were broken into very 
early in the morning which is how the dawn raids got its name. 


Yr7&8 Extension Project

For this term in extension we were tasked
to be fashion designers. we have been
 learning about 3 main 
things, Cultural Appropriation, Self Consciousness, 
and Sustainability. We had to choose two pieces of 
clothing and I chose a Haori which originated from 
Japan and a 
Kahoa aka a Tongan lei. It was our job to find out what 
materials it was made
 from and if is okay for the environment.
Especially if it is appropriate
 like for example it would be rude if a women
wore a bikini in somewhere where showing skin is like offensive 
its just isn't right.

GoGo Boots (Dawn Raid)

This is my drawing of the go go boots from dawn raid.
Dawn Raid is a book that we have been
reading this week and have been learning about recently,
Dawn Raid is about a girl Sofia and her 
writing about her life in a diary.
Well Thats It For Now
Peace and Have An Amazing Day!