Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing Task


Your job today is to write a short essay answering the following question.


Should gaming be taught in schools?


We have brainstormed some of the things that gaming can teach us. You need to decide whether you…  


Choose three STRONG points you would like to make to support your opinion, and put them into the places below;


Point One:  I think it’s good because kids can learn coding and programming.
Point Two: Games like minecraft for example teaches kids about survival basic skills
Point Three: And games could relieve stress from school.


In the space below begin your writing; I think games should be taught in class because kids can learn coding and programming. 

For example, games like minecraft teach kids about basic survival skills and also games relieve stress from school. Games also benefit you by,

having a quick reaction time, problem solving, decision making and many other sorts of things. But games do have their downfall as it does cause an addiction and laziness. 



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