Month: September 2023

Algebro 1


Today in class we had to write an equation to
show the operation that we would use to solve these
questions as our teacher said to us that she dosent
want the result(answer) but how we solve the question
in the first place. Low light: The bad thing about this
was that I couldn't figure how to do the figuring out at 
first. High light: I managed to figure out how to make
the equation to my answer.

Country Research Project (Portugal)

This blog post is to tell about My country research project which is 
unfinished because I was supposed to complete a physical poster to show.
So my country of choice was Portugal. A country in south western Europe.
The country has a really interesting history. And its food is pretty surprising. 
So today I will be explaining about the country by topic.

Type: a unitary multiparty semi-presidential representative democratic republic,
Leader: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

Flower: Lavender
Animal: Iberian Wolf
3 Cuisine: Aheira, Porco Preto, Rojoes.