My Finished Products (My Futuristic Inventions)


These designs I have made in tinkercad are my futuristic inventions, 
on the left I have used the inspiration of sonic shoes an used
it to make my own version which has a kick start functionality where you 
have to run in order for the sonic shoes to activate and will
slowly start to speed up as if it were to automatically go
as fast as it can could really go it cause major damage which is why
it will slowly speed up, and on the right is my other
design I have made, glider redeploy. Glider redeploy
is an invention where you have a deployable glider
on a mechanical belt that you are wearing at all times
with a red button that will automatically disperse a glider
that you can hold on to and the reason I made it a button
and not a toggle is that I believe a button is more easier
to disperse a glider then a toggle because toggles have a
function where you have to pull on them but with a click
of a button it can function easier then a toggle

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